Welcome to my Studio

I have always had a love for art.  Some of my favorite memories
growing up are of sitting to the table with my grandfather,
drawing and painting birds, houses, fish, and boats for hours on

The inspiration for my art came mostly from nature and all of its
elements.  Being from Newfoundland originally, I especially
enjoyed painting seascapes.  I have always been fascinated with
the sea, its power and ever changing shades and moods.  Many of
my paintings are of  boats, and the hand built wharves and sheds,
which are so important to the Maritime people.

My art is a realistic style. Photographs and sketches were used as
a guide; however my paintings are not photo replications.  My
distinct artistic style is evident in all of my work through my use
of colour and brush strokes.  Most of my paintings are done with
oil, and some watercolour.  

I am proud of all of my work, and I am thrilled when someone
else likes it.  I look forward to sharing my art with others and
hope they enjoy it also.
Genge's Art Studio
Medina Genge-Artist
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